ROBOMIST is the first and only overhead spray system in the hydroponics and indoor gardening industry today.

ROBOMIST uses permantly placed overhead nozzles to spray the finest mist available into your garden.

ROBOMIST has a  2 1/2 gallon tank and high pressure pump that can be plumbed outside you're grow area to avoid human contact with spray solutions.

ROBOMIST can be used for foliar feeding as well as insect and fugus control.

ROBOMIST will accept any and all insecticides, fungicides and oils on todays market.

ROBOMIST is capable of running unlimited nozzle, with the addition of valves, and can run unlimited valves to able itself to spray multiple grow spaces, or even the largest of grow spaces with only one unit.

ROBOMIST can be automated! With the addition of a recycle timer, ROBOMIST can spray without you being present.

So as we all know " TIME IS MONEY " and ROBOMIST can remove hours of spray time from your schedule.

Let ROBOMIST do the work for you!!!

ROBOMIST XXXL 10 Gallon multi pump system COMING SOON!!!!