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I have a fitting which is leaking. What do i do to fix it?
Make sure all hosing is cut clean with a fresh blade. Any frayed or mis shaped edges will leak. Inspect O rings inside the fitting for damage.

When should I run my robomist?
IT is suggested by most folair companies to always spray when your lights are off.we her at Robomist suggest the same

Do I need two Robomists to keep two tents pest free?
No, Robomist is capable of running unlimited nozzles by adding unlimited valves. by doing so you can spray multible grow spaces over even the largest of grow spaces. Happy gardening, Robomist team

Should i run my fans while spraying.
Yes, with the help of wall fans you can create a vortex of fine spray to help penetrate deep into your canopy.

where should I place the main unit.
We suggest you place Robomist out side of any grow spaces so you can run it without any contact with the spray solution.

Can i run oils through Robomist
Yes, Robomist will accept any and all insecticides, fungicides and oils on todays market.

where should I place my nozzles in my grow room
Start by hanging them in all four corners then stagger them through out the room

How many nozzles do i need in my grow space
we suggest around two nozzles per light( 1000 watt bulb )

Can i put Robomist on a timer
Yes, we have many customers running there Robomist off a digital recycle timer two hours before lights turn on. We suggest you add a air stone inside the tank to also turn on with timer to aggitate your solution.

will I have bulb damage?
it has been running trials for over a year and no bulb problems at all.

It seems like the lenses would be a mess?
Actually in the years trials, the lenses were no dirtier than they were before when It was hand spraying

With a timer added, do I even need to be there to spray?
No, with the addition of a timer, you don't even have to be home and your rooms/plants will get sprayed on time, Every time. Auto Sprayer at it's finest.